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Thousands of children born in the United States every year suffer tragic and preventable birth injuries that can have a devastating and lasting impact on their lives. Bringing a child into the world should be a time of joy and celebration for families. Unfortunately, in many cases, preventable errors by doctors, nurses, and hospitals can cause permanent injuries and a lifetime of medical care. One cause of birth injury that affects thousands of newborn children in the United States every year is fetal distress. If your child experienced fetal distress, contact our Baton Rouge, LA, fetal distress lawyers today to discuss your options.

What is Fetal Distress?

Fetal distress is a term that can refer to a number of different complications and injuries that may impact a baby during the birthing process. Generally, the term can be used to refer to specific signs in pregnant women that may indicate that the fetus is not healthy or in a dangerous position. Fetal distress often refers to a situation where a fetus is not receiving enough oxygen before, during, or immediately after labor is induced.

Complications associated with this type of fetal distress can occur when the pregnancy lasts too long, known as postmaturity, or when other complications of labor occur. If a baby does not receive enough oxygen during the birthing process, it can result in permanent and severe injury and disabilities.

In order to avoid these types of birth injuries, is vitally important that doctors carefully monitor the health of the fetus for the duration of the birthing process.

How is Fetal Distress Detected?

One of the most common ways that doctors monitor a woman’s pregnancy for signs of fetal distress or other potential complications is through electric fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring. FHR monitoring allows doctors to recognize the early symptoms of fetal distress, such as an irregular heartbeat, and ensure that the mother and her child get the proper treatment right away.

Unfortunately, in some cases doctors fail to detect the early signs of fetal distress in time, causing severe birth injuries. Early indications of fetal distress can include:

• Hypoxia: The fetus does not receive adequate amounts of oxygen
• Oligohydraminos: There is a lowered level of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus
• Anemia: The fetus does not have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to bodily tissues

When doctors fail to perform the necessary tests and FHR monitoring during pregnancy, they may miss these early signs of fetal distress. If doctors fail to treat these early symptoms of fetal distress in time, the impact on pregnant women and their children can be devastating.

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