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If you’ve been injured on the job, you should know that you have rights. Workers’ compensation is a form of no-fault insurance that most employers in the state of Louisiana are required to carry. This insurance system is designed to help cover your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages while you recover after a workplace accident. Unfortunately, collecting these benefits isn’t always easy.

The workers’ compensation system can be difficult to navigate, and many people are unfairly denied. That’s where we come in. If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job, contact your Baton Rouge, LA, workers’ comp lawyers at Gauthier Amedee today. We’ll be your Go2Lawyers and help you fight for what you’re rightfully owed!

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After suffering an injury or illness as a result of your job, you should be entitled to workers’ comp benefits under the law. Our attorneys are here to help you fight for everything you’re rightfully owed.

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At Gauthier Amedee, we understand that you’re dealing with a lot of pain and confusion right now, especially if you’ve been denied benefits. You may not know what to do next, but rest assured that you have an ally in this fight. We have helped countless injured workers in Baton Rouge and across South Louisiana, and we’re ready to help you, too.

After being hurt on the job, you need someone who can be your Go2Lawyer so you can focus on getting well again. At Gauthier Amedee, that’s what we’re known for! Contact us today and let us advocate for you and your family. You’re not alone — we’re here for you through this difficult time.

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Do I Have a Case?

Since workers’ compensation is a no-fault form of insurance, you do not have to prove that your employer or another employee was at fault for your accident in order to receive benefits. As long as your injury or illness occurred in the course of your normal work duties, you should be covered under the Louisiana workers’ comp system.

However, injured workers are often wrongfully denied the benefits they deserve, and navigating the legal process and dealing with insurance companies can be incredibly complicated. Our Baton Rouge, LA, workers’ comp lawyers at Gauthier Amedee know the ins and outs of the system. We can walk you through every step, no matter how difficult your situation may be.

Below are some of the most common accidents and injuries resulting in workers’ comp claims: 

  • Slip and fall injuries, such as broken bones and fractures
  • Injuries from lifting and moving heavy objects, such as sprains, strains, and tears
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Head trauma from falling objects or from handling heavy equipment
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances

If you’ve experienced one of these or any other injury or illness as a result of your job, please don’t wait to contact us today.

Were You Hurt While Doing Your Job?

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What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available?

Workers’ compensation is in place to provide a variety of benefits to workers who get hurt or become ill as a result of their normal work duties. These benefits can include the following:

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to cover any reasonable and necessary medical expenses required for the treatment of your work-related injuries or illness. This can include the costs of emergency room and doctor’s visits, physical rehabilitation, medication, and medical procedures.

Medical benefits can also cover any transportation costs to get you to and from your appointments.

Four types of disability benefits are available under workers’ compensation to cover a portion of your lost wages while you recover. The severity of your injury will determine which you are entitled to.

You may be eligible for temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits if your condition partly inhibits your ability to work while you recover. Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are for those who can’t work at all due to their condition, but are expected to recover. Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits mean you are permanently limited in your ability to work and permanent total disability (PTD) benefits may be available if you can’t work at all on a permanent basis.

Death benefits are also available under workers’ compensation if you have a spouse or close relative who has died as the result of a work-related injury or illness. When you receive death benefits, they are intended to cover funeral and burial expenses, as well as any medical costs that your loved one incurred up to the point of death.

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What Comes Next?

If you’re hurt at work, the first step is to get medical attention. Whether your injuries seem life-threatening or not, an evaluation by your doctor is crucial to have as a record for your claim. 

This will also be the best decision for your health as some accidents that seem minor at first could cause future complications.

There are a lot of strict rules, regulations, and deadlines surrounding workers’ comp claims, so the sooner you take action the better. Make your notice in writing and be sure to include your name, contact information, the time and date of the injury, where and how it happened, and the specifics of the injury.

In the state of Louisiana, it is your employer’s responsibility to file a First Report of Injury form with their workers’ compensation insurer within ten days of receiving notice of your accident. This is the official start of your workers’ comp claim.

The insurer should then notify the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration. This office will investigate your claim, including your medical records, exam results, ability to work, wages, education, and work history. From there, your employer’s insurer will either approve or deny your claim.

If your claim is denied and you need to appeal or if you are about to file a claim and want to make sure you’ve covered all your bases, you need Gauthier Amedee. We offer free legal consultations to help you understand what steps to take next, and we can be sure to get you the most out of your claim. 

Don’t hesitate, contact our Baton Rouge, LA, workers’ compensation lawyers today!

Need Help With Your Baton Rouge Workers’ Comp Claim?

Whether you’re at the start of the claims process or need help to appeal a denied claim, the experienced Baton Rouge, LA, workers’ compensation lawyers at Gauthier Amedee are ready to be your Go2Lawyers!

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Workers’ Comp Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving a denied workers’ comp claim can be frustrating, but don’t lose hope. You may still be entitled to benefits, and you can appeal the decision. At this point, it will be to your benefit to have an experienced workers’ comp attorney on your side who can help you gather any necessary evidence to support your claim and ensure you have the best chance of getting the money you deserve.

To receive workers’ comp benefits, your injuries must have occurred during the course of your normal job duties. Whether your accident happened while you were running an errand for your boss, on a work trip, in one of your employer’s warehouses, or at the main office, you should be covered as long as your injuries happened while you were working.

If your work caused your injury or illness, regardless of what it is, you may be entitled to benefits. This could include coverage for injuries that developed over a long period of time, like carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic back problems, as well as illnesses that formed from exposure to dangerous substances, like asbestos.

However, there can be special circumstances and deadlines surrounding occupational illnesses and long-term injuries, so it’s important to contact our qualified Louisiana workers’ comp attorneys as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, acceptance of workers’ compensation benefits means that you can’t sue your employer. There are very few cases in which you may be able to file a lawsuit against your employer if they have exhibited gross negligence in some way. This is a complex situation and it will be in your best interest to consult one of our knowledgeable Baton Rouge, LA, workers’ comp lawyers at Gauthier Amedee for help.

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