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The Most Common Driving Mistakes in Baton Rouge, LA

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No one is perfect; accidents happen. Unfortunately, sometimes these accidents occur while behind the wheel of a car. A simple accident can result in life-altering changes. These accidents are often due to common driving mistakes. Here are 5 common driving mistakes to avoid in Baton Rouge, LA.

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1. Following Too Closely

Sometimes the car in front of you may be going at a slower rate of speed than you. The distance between you and this vehicle is referred to as the following distance. While it may be tempting to tailgate that car, following distance should always remain at least 3-5 seconds. You can measure your following distance by noticing when the rear of the vehicle in front of you passes a stationary object and then counting (“one-one thousand, two-one thousand….”) how long it takes before the front your vehicle reaches the same object.

2. Failure to Follow the Speed Limit

Most of us have been in a situation in which we are rushing to get somewhere on time. Though you may be stressed out and tempted to speed, it is important to refrain from doing so. Instead, know the speed limit and regularly check the speedometer. Ensure that you give yourself enough time to get from one place to another. In inclement weather, it may be necessary to go below the posted speed limit to ensure your safety.

3. Passing Improperly

When passing another vehicle on a two-lane highway, check the left lane to be sure that there is no oncoming traffic and that you have enough of a distance to permit passing. Do not move back over into the right lane until you are able to see the entire vehicle you have passed in your rearview mirror. Additionally, be sure that you return to the right lane before you are within 200 feet of any oncoming traffic. Do not drive off of the pavement when passing a vehicle.

4. Turning Improperly

When you making a turn, put your turn signal on about 100 feet prior in order to give other drivers a heads up. If there are other vehicles or pedestrians already in the intersection, you must yield to them. When turning, always keep your car close to the curb or the shoulder of the road.

5. Violating the Right of Way

Right-of-way violations include things such as failure to yield, driving through a stop sign, and non -compliance with traffic signals. When crossing an intersection, look left, straight ahead, looking right, and then left again. This can be a literal life-saver, as this quick delay can prevent you from crashing into anyone in the intersection.

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