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How To Drive Safely Near Motorcycles in Baton Rouge, LA

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Riding a motorcycle is one of the most freeing, fun ways of transportation, but there are certain risks that cars and other vehicles do not face. This is why it is so important to share the road with respect, and the utmost safety when driving near a motorcycle or bicycle.

July is one of the most dangerous months for motorcycle riders, so please be aware of their presence on the road. According to Progressive Insurance, in July alone the average number of motorcycle accident insurance claims rises by 78% than the average for the rest of the year.

As a driver, it is your responsibility to follow all driving laws in place in order to ensure a safe road for all.

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Here are some safety tips for motorists to keep motorcyclists safe:

Keep a safe following distance

This will allow for a longer reaction time and could save the life of a motorcyclist.

Use proper turn signals to alert a motorcyclist

It is recommended to initiate your turn signal sooner than you normally would to allow a longer reaction time for a motorcycle that may be following you.

Double-check before changing lanes

Because motorcycles are smaller than motor vehicles, they can become hidden in blind spots so double-checking your blind spots could prevent an accident.

Be aware of motorcyclist’s traffic signals

Since older motorcycles do not have self-cancelling turn signals, motorcyclists may forget to turn them off which could become confusing for motorists.

Avoid distractions

Anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road should never be done while driving, especially not when a motorcyclist is around you on the road.

Obey all traffic signals

Since many automobile and motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, it is important to follow all traffic signals and to drive defensively to prevent an accident.

Let’s make this July is a safe and enjoyable month for all. Share the road and be conscious of all drivers, including those on two-wheels.

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