The winners of the Go to Bat Scholarship, Camryn Hebert and Logan McMenis.

Local Personal Injury Law Firm Awards Scholarships to Deserving Students

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Baton Rouge, LA: Gauthier Amedee, a local personal injury law firm serving the needs of injured Louisiana residents, has chosen the winners for their 2021 Go to Bat Scholarship.

About the Go to Bat Scholarship

Gauthier Amedee is a local institution in the Louisiana community that goes to bat for the rights of the people who live there. The law firm believes their community will benefit from the next generation’s work and students who will become lawyers, teachers, politicians, artists, and more, so they offered the Go to Bat Scholarship to make students’ educational goals possible.

The Go to Bat Scholarship provided two students with a $500 scholarship opportunity to use for tuition or education-related expenses. The scholarship was open to students that have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have been accepted to or are currently attending a 2- to 4-year college in Louisiana. Participants were asked to write an essay about a cause they’re willing to go to bat for, and why, just like how the team at Gauthier Amedee goes to bat for their clients.

The Scholarship Winners

While the Go to Bat Scholarship received many outstanding applications, two students stood out with remarkable essays about the causes that matter most to them. The recipients of the Go to Bat Scholarship include:

  • Camryn Hebert
  • Logan McMenis

Logan plans to pursue an engineering degree at Louisiana State University, while Camryn aims to enter the medical world as a pre-med student also at Louisiana State University.

About Gauthier Amedee

Gauthier Amedee is a dedicated law firm that supports and helps injured Louisiana residents seek compensation for their expenses and lost wages. The team of experienced attorneys at Gauthier Amedee always go to bat for their clients, and they’ve helped thousands of local residents receive millions in settlements. They step up to the plate and go to bat for every client they serve. If you were injured in an accident, you can learn more about Gauthier Amedee here.